Welcome to Mboatronics


Our Vision

We believe that everybody deserves a good health.

Our Mission

To make people health, we work to improve Healthcare.

Our Values

To accomplish this mission, we:

 Always do the best QUALITY we can when achieving our goals;

 Our results are always as SIMPLE as possible;

 We are FOCUSED on one thing at a time;

Our skills

Software Engineering;

Embedded systems, Programming

Our slogan

“Let’s improve healthcare”

The MCare redound to the diagnostic and the monitoring of patient during hospitalization and reanimation.

MCare measures the temperature, the pulse rate, the oxygen saturation in the blood and print the results on the screen.

The frequency of measurement is configurable;

The MCare snoozes when there a value is critical;

MCare is shipped with one adult probe and a neonate probe is available in option;

MCare has a long-life lithium battery of 54 Hours during full usage.

  1. USB Connector

  2. Indicator lamp, indicator of the state of charge of the battery

  3. Standby /On/Off button

  4. Alarm stop button

  5. Connector for temperature sensor

  6. DB9 connector for pulse and SpO2 sensor

  7. Indicator lamp, current supervision indicator

  8. Loudspeaker

The Problem of existing products

The cost of oximeters is very high for our hospitals and medical professionals; Indeed, the cost is about 300 USD. In the other hands, those devices measure only the oxygen saturation and the pulse rate;

After sale service: Most of the device, when sell do not have guarantees and when they break down, the customer should buy another one;

The current oximeter is not selling with neonate probe. That make difficult the monitoring of the neonate child in hospitalization.

Advantages of using MCare

MCare is affordable for the value added. Indeed, it costs 200;

MCare works with a lithium rechargeable battery with an autonomy of 52 hours in full usage;

MCare is compatible with the three kind of probes (neonate, infant and adult);

In addition to oxygen saturation and pulse rate, MCare measure body temperature;

We guarantee on year following the purchase, during which If the device no longer functions properly without damage, we undertake to replace it.


Our team is constituted by four members:

Eng Thierry Babang

Software Engineer at Mboatronics

Eng Arnole Eroume

Electronic Engineer at Mboatronics

Eng Armel Douana

Radiologist and radiotherapist at Mboatronics


What happens after an MCare is sold ?

A mobile phone number is available by customer on the bill in case there is any problem.

What happen in case of disfunction of the MCare ?

The customer simply sends us the device, we verify that the guarantee is still available, the is no physical choc and we send him back a new MCare.